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Yesterday, I killed a few hours after work biking around Toms River. This town will always be my home.

Anonymous said: I don't care about the lack of horns. Do you and keep being the best band in the world.



Thank you whoever you are.

This means so much. Thank you, Anon.

River City Extension - Our New Intelligence


"Our New Intelligence" by River City Extension

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Always okay with the reddit love!

River City Extension - Too Tired To Drink


Too Tired To Drink - River City Extension


It’s been a while since I’ve been on this account. I just haven’t felt like logging out and back in again and again. Here are two shots from our amazing show last week at bkbazaar in Brooklyn, NY.

P.S. That shirt is now among the long list of my things consumed the ever elusive green-room faeries. RIP shirt. You only lasted one show.

Anonymous said: I've been listening to RCE for years now and every single time I get someone into you guys, they always say the same thing: why aren't there any horns anymore!? And I can't help but agree. They look you up on YouTube, fall in love, buy all your albums, and then see you live and find no horns. I think that we miss the horns more than a female voice. I only saw the band live once with the trumpet and it's one of my favorite shows I've seen (and I've seen over a dozen). Any chance of horns again?


Well we never chose not to have horns, Dan just quit (in the middle of the record cycle). So like it was with the other band members who left, we didn’t want to replace him right away. He was such a unique and talented presence in the band it seemed weird to try and have someone replicate that right away. It’s also complicated finding full time members for a touring band.

So all of those things considered, we decided to go with the natural evolution of the band and work with whoever wad willing to work with us. I never really wrote any songs FOR horns with the exception of Mexico; it just kind of worked out on all of the other tracks.

Will we have horns again? Probably at some point yes. Soon? No. There are no horns on the new record. There are a lot of genres of music that center around horns and although we did feel good about ‘bending’ our assumed genre by adding horns, it was never really the focus or goal of this band.

itsbenhood said: I'll be going to ohio state in the fall, any chance you'll be in columbus at some point before next summer?

You know it, Ben! We plan on being on tour a LOT once Deliverance is out. We need to share it with you guys.

Anonymous said: 3 biggest inspirations for each category. Vocalists, Lyricists, Music style.


Let’s say for the new record since it has changed over time. Ok.

Jim James
Amber Coffman
Bruce Springsteen

Paul Simon
David Longstreth
Yoni Wolf

Paul Simon
My Morning Jacket
Dirty Projectors

Honorable mention: Tom Petty

sonicawareness said: Thanks for correcting the "Holy Cross" mistake.. that's what too much whiskey and way too much fun singing along will do to your memory. Speaking of, which song did you come down in the crowd to sing?

Haha. Absolutely! That what we love to hear.

And the song Joe sang in the audience was “Welcome to Pittsburgh”.

This is just the coolest. Thank you maxbemis (Say Anything) for humbling us all with your kind today. You’re the best and we love you.

This is just the coolest. Thank you maxbemis (Say Anything) for humbling us all with your kind today. You’re the best and we love you.